A mere daisy
01-09-2008 | By: shadowli

今日推荐曲目:Northern Lights_Cafe Del MarPart Of A Fool_Juwita
I've been there before And I Just can't let go /The memory and pain of the hurt I know
Now deep in the night And there's pseeion inside / Dare I follow my heart An innocent smile
Then a walk in the night There it's dinner at home / served with candle light And It's quite a while
Since I felt good inside Dare I follow my heart / Do I feel something special inside of you
Do I know what you're really think of me / And the raindrops keep falling into my heart
And I just can't deny what feels so right / Do I let myself go and feel the rain
Or should I play with caution and refrain / whatever I do when it comes to you
I know sometimes love plays the part of a fool / I know what's in store Though I can't say much more
A chance worth the taking has open its door / And I can't say I love you And I can't say I don't / But I do wish I knew







晚上喝茶时无意瞥见杯中之物很是漂亮就拍了下来,没想到感觉还是可以滴,比较淡雅的感觉,就特意又跑去超市买来另一只白色小花纹的杯子,拍了一堆修了其中的一部分,这个拍摄方式大概也许可能有点仿效前日看的《蓝莓之夜》哈,当然肯定是达不到他哪水准,纯属自娱自乐,另外推荐一首歌曲Part Of A Fool,很是喜欢~感觉不错。
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