Hong Kong Repulse Bay
01-17-2010 | By: shadowli

Moondance _ Featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers _ August Rush:





Because the endorsement of laissez-passer to Hongkong-macau will expire, just yesterday, I went to Hong Kong in a hurry. I have to enter for a travel bureau again because alone, the arrange of one-day itinerary is tight. I got up half past six, then assembled in Huanggang port, set out at half past eight, all the attractions had been finished till half past eight p.m., by the time I reached home, it was nearly eleven p.m.. The landscape of Hong Kong is very beautiful, the Repulse Bay is one of my favorite places, there are some photographs of the sandy beach above, I will update other more photographs at a future time. The night view of Hong Kong is the most impressive scene I have seen on this trip, It really is so beautiful. A new year comes around again, I hope that everyone's nice dreams can come true. This time, recommend music is the episode of a film, I hope you like it.

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