Light Industrial Products City
08-24-2011 | By: shadowli

Babyfather _ Sade:
We were waiting for the bus | No-one much around but us| Then I see this young boy cut a look at me
I'm stunned In a daze| He had the whole street set ablaze| It's only love they say Makes you feel this way
She liked his eyes she wanted more| The baby gonna have your smile for sure
He saw a lovely girl Smelling sweet and soapy like fresh air| She saw him looking acted like she didnt care
That's how we knew And so love grew a flower| A flower that is you| Your daddy knows you're a flame
Even to the angels it may sound like a lie| For you child| He has the troops and extra backup standing by
For you child| For you he is the best he can be| Oh child dont you know
Your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee| Your daddy knows you're a flame
Yeah daddy love you child| Daddy love you yeah| It's only you he'll say
Made the young boy hungry for the man he is today| It's only love, love, love, love
Can make you feel this way| Your daddy knows you're a flame| daddy love you ye


Quote of the Day: If you see a shadow in front of you, don't be afraid. It's because there is sunshine upon your back.
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