Trees In Spring
04-07-2012 | By: shadowli

Spring To Kingdom Come - Flunk:

住处楼下来回走过无数次的地方,无意中发现有几处仰视着看还挺不错,心里一直计划着要拍上几张,上周终于是付诸实践了。日志取名为春天里的树,但看着感觉更像是秋日里的情景,尤其是那四张接近黑白色的照片。不过个人实在大爱黑白系列,以后有机会还会继续尝试的。应景推荐首歌名里有Spring的曲子,但感觉Flunk乐队主唱的声音依旧属于秋天,实在凄美飘渺的很。关于Flunk乐队的歌曲个人最爱的还是 Morning Star,另外,Sit Down、Everything Is Ending Here、play、Skysong也都很不错。

Quote of the Day: Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing well those you hold. _ J.Billings
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