Boy Next Door
02-02-2007 | By: shadowli

Dear Stevie,
I just wanna let you know,
That I've been thinking about you lately,
And since you've been gone,
I wanna let you know,
That I miss you boy,
I miss you boy.
Well it's been three weeks since you went away.
It might sound crazy But I count the days.
I miss the little things that we use to do,
And those are the things that I like about you.
And now you're gone don't know what to do.
You never knew I had a crush on you.
I miss you boy.
I miss you boy.
Well I wake up in the morning getting ready for school,
Combing my hair and trying to look cool.
But I looked in the mirror and said to myself,
Why'd you have to leave me all by myself.
I know you you didn't know it,
Never said it before.
But I had a crush on the boy next door.
I miss you boy,
I miss you boy.
I had a crush on the boy next door.
Now he's gone should have told him before,
But it's never to late to be my friend.
Maybe someday I'll see you again,
And I wanna tell you from my heart,
I know what it's like to be apart.
I miss you boy,
I miss you boy.
Well as time goes on,
Boy it's easy to see,
That you were the one,
The one for me.
I don't know how to say it,
You know it's tru,
Cause all I do is think about you,
'Cause your on my mind every minute of the day,
And now it's time for you to hear me say.
I miss you boy,
I miss you boy.
Well the summer time's coming,
When I see you again.
I hope you come back and be my bestfriend.
Now I hope in my heart this dream will come true,
'Cause without you it's like a room with a view.
I want you to know I never felt this before,
But I miss you.
The Girl Next Door.
I miss you boy,
I miss you boy.
(Chorus 3x)
This is Brianna,
Leave a message after the tone.
Hey Bri,
This is Stevie.
Sorry didn't get to say goodbye,
But I hope you get this message,
'Cause I miss you so much.
I know you far away,
But we can still keep in touch.
I know you never knew it,
Never said it before I got a crush on you,
The girl next door.
I miss you girl,
I miss you girl.
(Chorus 2x)
注释:Have a crush on someone(爱上某人) crush vt.压碎, 碾碎, 压服, 压垮, 粉碎, (使)变形
由于crush是“压碎,碾碎”的意思,因此整个短语容易被误解为“对某人施加压力”的意思, 实际上此词表示“爱上某人”,
与fall in love with 同意。例子:She thinks she has a crush on John.(她认为她爱上约翰了)

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Quote 源子
[ 2007-02-04 20:08:52 ]
最近日子过得有点闷 [cyworld562]

me too,god save me~ [cool]
Quote peanuts
[ 2007-02-04 20:37:27 ]

已经重复听了无数遍,估计MP4快要抓狂了 [confused]
Quote peanuts
[ 2007-02-05 20:47:43 ]
不是自己的机子没法转歌,所以得再上来听 [angry]

欢迎哈 [cyworld285]
Quote 大猫*
[ 2007-05-29 22:45:20 ]



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